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The Marican Group believes in the indispensable value of the person and is committed to trying to foster an active role within and outside the company. The activity of the Canciello family is closely linked to theeconomic development and social inclusion, as well as increasing employment and the development of new skills. Fundamental is Marican's commitment in managing relations with workers and in the worksfor charitable purposes.The Canciello family has always been sensitive to social issues and the difficulties of the most needy people.

CALT fundraising donation to fight Cardarelli tumors

Donation "Cases of Solidarity" against Covid-19

Donation "Trunks of Solidarity" in the holidays of Christmas and Easter 2020

Fundraising donation "Let's help Sofia"

Green area maintenance in the municipalities of Carinaro, Teverola and Frattamaggiore

Telethon donation for research

Maintenance, painting and refurbishment of the “Giulio Genoino” middle school shelter in Frattamaggiore

Donation of food for the table of the poor Madonna del Carmine in the days of Christmas and Easter

Support for the schooling of 150 children in the village of Bimbo in Africa

Donation Rete del Dono "In memory of Stefano Di Donato"

Donation for the construction of the bronze doors of the parish of San Sossio di Frattamaggiore

Renovation of the church of S. Eufemia di Carditello

Construction of the parish center "Casa del childciullo", church of S. Eufemia di Carditello

Donation for the purchase of a minibus for the transport of the elderly for the Church of Sant'Eufemia in Carinaro (CE)

Reclamation, cleaning and planting of the areas in front of the exits of the Frattamaggiore, Afragola, Carinaro and Teverola highways

Donation of building materials for the Church of San Filippo Neri in Frattamaggiore (NA)

Funding for the construction of a sacred monument, a polychrome cross by the artist Alfonso Coppola, in the industrial area of Teverola (CE)

Donation of a video electroencephalogram for the pediatric neurosurgery department of the Santobono hospital in Naples

Annual donation to the LILT / Italian League for the fight against cancer

Contribution for the construction of the Child's House for the Church of Sant'Eufemia in Carinaro (CE)

Donation to AORN SANTOBONO - PAUSILIPON children's hospital of a Smiths Medical infusion pump

Donation to the parish of Maria SS. del Carmine di Frattamaggiore for the patronal feast of San Ciro

Donation Fracts Sativa Unicanapa APS

Donation to the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Pompeii

Donation to the ass. Arteinsieme ONLUS

Donation to the San Giuseppe Moscati association "Volunteers for life"

CRAL intercommune police donation

The company takes care of the reclamation, enhancement and maintenance works of a large part of the industrial area of Teverola (CE)

Sponsorship 11th edition of the "Festa della Tamorra" for the enhancement and recovery of popular traditions, organized by the Carinaro Attiva association

Support and financing of the refurbishment of the pediatric oncology DH of the Pausilipon Hospital

Fundraising for research on the development of CAR-T cells in the therapy of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, donated to the “Bambin Gesù” pediatric hospital in Rome. 110 thousand euros have already been raised

Sponsorship 11th edition of the "Festa della Tamorra" for the enhancement and recovery of popular traditions, organized by the Carinaro Attiva association

Donation to the monumental complex of San Lorenzo ad Septimum in Aversa, seat of the Faculty of Architecture of Vanvitelli, for the reclamation and redevelopment of a green area intended for cultivation

Donation a "I Bambini delle Fate", for social inclusion for children with autism and disabilities


The education received and the sacrifices made daily have matured in the Canciello family the awareness that the spread of the culture of solidarity is the guideline to follow to break down the many invisible barriers present in our society.

The Corporate Award is for Marican a simple symbol that contains within itself  more complex concepts, as well as laurel leaves, a symbol of glory and celebration. The banner represents passion and dedication at work and enhances the concepts of love and belonging, essential values in a working context.Well-being in the workplace and the quality of life of employeesare cornerstones of the actions of the Marican Group.  Recently, the most virtuous employees were rewarded with the delivery of a company car.

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